An evening of discovery and awe

at the spectacular New World Center


May 19th, 2022

Andrés Gómez Emilsson
Co-Founder Qualia Research Institute (QRI)

Andres utilizes his education in psychology and experience as a data scientist to study the exotic states of human consciousness. His work at QRI explores psychedelics as a curative to extreme suffering and pain.

Bridget Seegers
NASA Scientist, Marine Biologist

Dr.Bridget Seegers studies microscopic ocean life using NASA satellites. She tracks Cynobacteria that have massive impact on human health and economies and draws parallels between their size and impact and the human impact on climate.

Chad Bernstein
Musician, CoFounder/CEO Guitars Over Guns

Dr. Chad Bernstein is a CNN Hero and South Florida’s premier Latin, Jazz, Funk artist. Chad utilizes music as a universal language to connect and mentor at-risk youth providing them with music education and academic support.

Erika Twani
CEO Learning One to One Foundation, Author, Technologist

Erika explores ways to foster human achievement using applied neuroscience, technology, and psychology. She believes that children should be raised with autonomous learning to prepare for a future with artificial intelligence.

Gregory Johnson
Co-Founder of DataGovs, Code for South Florida

Greg has focused his career on civic innovation and data governance. From working at Microsoft on internet of things to founding the largest developer group for public data, Greg brings unique insight into how we can make data work for us.

Joshua Hare
Cardiologist, Co-founder Longeveron Inc.

Dr. Hare is the Louis Lemberg Professor of Medicine at University of Miami and has pioneered the use of stem cells as medicine for the human heart. He explores a future where regenerative medicine can prolong human life.

Julia Grace Vishnepolsky
Dance/Movement Therapist, Founder The Wave Silent Disco

Julia helps people connect their mind and bodies through self-expression and dance movements. She integrates creative arts in mental healthcare to promote a sense of well being and belonging.

Ken Maff
Maritime Captain, Marine Biologist, Aqua Culturist

Captain Ken knows the seas- from growing up in an Australian oyster farm to clocking 250,000 nautical miles at sea as a maritime captain, he is creating innovative fertilization programs to revive marine life and restore local fisheries.

Precious Symonette
MDCPS Teacher of the Year, CEO The Florida Freedom Writers Foundation

Dr. Precious Symonette is an educator, activist, and board member of Impact Florida. She believes that education is an act of revolution and being vulnerable and bringing out vulnerability in students will change the world.

Yehuda Elram
Co-Founder, CEO eggXYt

Yehuda’s childhood at his family’s chicken farm led him to start a biotech startup that envisions humane animal husbandry and avian-influenza resistant chickens. Utilizing CRISPR technology, eggXYt aims to save billions of chicks, billions of dollars, and significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the chick hatching industry.


Mission Zero: can we build Miami's regenerative and distributive economy?

June 23rd, 2021


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